Why modular homes are better than stick-built homes



Stick-built homes: Houses that are constructed entirely or largely on-site exposing the building materials and the partially constructed home to the elements.

Modular homes: Houses that are divided into multiple module components, which are manufactured in a production facility and then delivered to their intended site. The components are typically constructed within a large indoor facility on assembly lines. Such facilities use an assembly line track to move the modules from one workstation to the next. Independent building inspectors are on site to supervise the construction and ensure that all building codes are adhered to during assembly.


The many reasons why Southern Heritage modular home constuction is better

Southern Heritage Home Construction

  1. 80% is constructed in a climate controlled factory.
  2. Southern Heritage Homes offers the most progressive, innovative construction utilizing technologically advanced tools, carpenters and engineers.
  3. Meets or exceeds building standards with outside agency inspections multiple times per week on all apsects of construction.
  4. Flexibility in home plan manufacturing and plan customization.
  5. Name brand vendor partners where you make your selections prior to the start of construction.
  6. Easy to customize options which are already researched for performance and value such as cabinets, exterior finish, doors, flooring, windows, room size expansions, closet changes, fireplaces, hardware and lighting.
  7. Homes come with the option to include appliances such as the refrigerator, dish washer and stove—installed with no delivery or installation fees.
  8. Low cost add-ons and customized design options with volume pricing.
  9. Free design plan consultation.
  10. In-house professionals understand the accessible housing market.
  11. Finished home turn-around usually under 90 days.
  12. Each home is inspected prior to coming off the production line and our process has more inspections to ensure a quality end product.
  13. Individual modules are up to 90% complete and shipped from the production facility to the home site, set and leveled .
  14. Indoor construction eliminates weather damage.
  15. Indoor construction reduces home site vandalism.
  16. Over the life of the home, modular homes save money because they are built more efficiently.
  17. Homes are built stronger in order to withstand transportation.

Stick-Built Home Construction

  1. 20% of homes are subjected to outdoor weather conditions, warping of wood, mold or mildewinfestation and or bug issues. These problems can surface long after the home is built and can result in health issues or house settlement issues.
  2. Sub-contractors often sub-out phases of the building process. In many cases there are quality control issues, production delays, poor craftsmanship.
  3. Stick built homes must meet state building codes; however, inspections are done periodically and not all aspects of construction are inspected.
  4. Flexibility in home plans are determined prior to construction and any changes result in change orders, track built homes usually offer less home plan changes.
  5. Name brand vendors depend on the builder and allowances are usually for the lower end product.
  6. Custom options are by builder and product research is done by the homeowner.
  7. Usually do not include appliance installation or appliances with the purchase, though some offer an appliance allowance.
  8. Usually offer some design options.
  9. Design planning is usually not offered.
  10. Can be a challenge to find a builder that understands the accessible building codes.
  11. Home turn-around time varies with each builder (typical finished home takes 9-12 months).