Benefits of Southern Heritage modular home construction



Reasons why modular home construction is better

1. Speed of Construction

  • Experienced in-house design engineers using state of the art CAD systems can quickly convert  your dream into a buildable design specification. Their ability to work directly with outside professionals such as architects, engineers and mechanical staff reduces delays in the construction process and assures that your home will meet all of the local and state building codes to give you years of trouble free enjoyment of your new home.
  • Concurrent Construction, meaning that while our construction facility is constructing the modular portion of the building, on-site work is also being completed, such as grading, infield structure and foundations.
  • Our 180,000 sq.ft. construction facility is equipped with construction jigs which assure that walls, floors and ceilings are built perfectly square and plumb and ample inside material storage to keep building materials dry and mold free.
  • Our 40 years of modular building experience has enabled us to stream line the start to finish time of completing your home by doing most of the work in our factory. This enables your builder to button up and complete the on-site work quickly and efficiently.

2. Cost Control

  • National Purchasing contracts with our sister operatons allow for bulk and manufacturer direct buying. This dramatically reduces material costs dramatically thus allowing the realized savings to be passed along to the homeowner.
  • Our 180,000 sq.ft. construction facility allows our crews to work no matter what the weather conditions dictate, thus eliminating work delays due to severe weather.
  • Construction times for projects are cut by two-thirds and drastically reduce construction interest and carrying costs.
  • 70-80% of the building construction is under one contract and with our detailed check list, 99% of construction questions and spec clarifications are answered prior to the beginning of construction. This process dramatically cuts down or eliminates cost over-runs and change orders.

3. Quality of Construction

  • Our in-house CAD Design Engineers working together with architects and engineers, prepare a complete and detailed set of construction documents. These documents are reviewed and approved by state and third-party inspection teams.
  • In-house quality control inspection teams review every step of the construction process.
  • Independent third-party inspection agencies inspect and approve all construction documents and construction work prior to delivery. All documents meet or exceed all building and fire safety codes.
  • Name brand product and construction materials, we pride ourselves in the process of ‘Value Engineering’ to use the best-suited material to fit budget and performance in lieu of cutting corners.

4. Sustainable and LEED Construction

  • 70 – 80% of the project is built in our construction facility, which means there is less impact on the local environment. This includes air quality and waste in local landfills.
  • Our construction facilities geographical location allows us to purchase regional materials; this is a great benefit to LEED certified projects.

5. Design Flexibility

  • Over 40 years of modular construction experience allows our team the ability to meet the most difficult construction needs.
  • Being creative with both construction materials and modular configuration allows for a successful project.
  • The “Special Project Division” is equipped to deal with all aspects of commercial construction including the specialized building codes and needs of commercial construction. If needed, a turnkey solution can be provided where we manage the onsite work and risk and provide you with a finished building. Every project is unique and we have the ability to work through their specific needs.

6. Job-Site Impact

  • With 70 – 80%  of the building assembly completed in our construction facility and typically only requiring 8-10 days for assembly of each module, the amount of on-site construction area is dramatically reduced along with the amount of waste that is generated.
  • With reduced construction time required to complete a building, this allows for off-season construction. This also means fewer interruptions for students as well as the school’s campus.

7. Community Impact

  • Although a large portion of the building is constructed off-site, we work with local sub-contractors for the on-site completion of the project. This allows companies, colleges and universities to support their local community and to keep them involved.