Green is integrated as standard into our modular homes



Energy-efficient Southern Heritage modular homes save you money

Green, or eco-friendly building, is a major trend in today’s residential and commercial development.

Southern Heritage is committed to providing sustainable and environmentally friendly applications to each and every one of our projects. We are forward thinking in all of our building processes and are learning new ways to implement technologies and products that will benefit our environment while maximizing your investment.

Southern Heritage considers several factors that are conducive to saving energy and the environment.

Each modular home that Southern Heritage builds meets and often exceeds standard building codes.

Our quality engineering and state of the art construction techniques use the latest technology to assure maximum energy savings which will translate into lower energy bills over the life of your home.

For example, when compared to traditional stick built homes:

  1. Southern Heritage constructs our homes in a much tighter, quality controlled environment, which allows us to ensure that all exterior penetrations are properly caulked and sealed.
  2. Our construction methods of gluing and mechanically fastening all building components give us a stronger structure that is also sealed from outside elements.
  3. Additional fasteners and better sealing of all penetrations, cracks and openings means less air infiltration, which is one of the largest causes of heat loss in a home.

Your Energy Star Partnership option

Mod-U-Kraf is proud to be an ENERGY STAR building partner. We offer customers the option to build Energy Star approved homes.energyStar

This means that Southern Heritage, in partnership with your builder and an independent Energy Star Auditor review the home design specifically for energy efficiency. This includes the modular units and the foundation design. When the house is complete the Energy Auditor travels to the home location and performs on site performance tests such as a Blower Door test and Infrared scans to assure the home meets the stringent criteria of Energy Star.

  • Energy Star rated bath fan w/ insulated duct.
  • High efficiency Energy Star rated water heater.
  • Additional sealants used in construction.
  • Efficient heating and cooling equipment provided by Southern Heritage or onsite builder.
  • Foam seal windows and doors with low compression foam.
  • Energy efficient products.
  • Better performance.
  • Lower ownership cost.
  • Local power companies may provide additional discounts for Energy Star rated homes. Contact your localpower supplier for more details.

The LEED Rating System: Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design

The LEED Green Building Rating System is a voluntary standard that defines high performance Green buildings, which are healthier, more environmentally responsible and more profitable structures. For the concrete masonry usgbcindustry, participation in the LEED Rating System development process is important because concrete masonry has many inherent attributes that fit the model being shaped by U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) members. For more information visit

Southern Heritage construction produces minimal waste

Another benefit that Southern Heritage provides to you and the environment is minimal waste. Unlike our site-built counterparts, Southern Heritage’s factory-engineered construction gives us the advantage of efficiently utilizing all excess materials through our in-plant recycling program. This is significant when compared to the amount of waste a new site built home generates.